0.6 beta

Saturday 23 April 2005.

-  New features :

  • the moon can now be used as a light source to compute moonlit flares (this feature is still experimental, estimated magnitude is not accurate),
  • the elements can now be updated from a SpaceTrack account,
  • a configurable list of ignored elements has been added, containing by default, the satellites that currently do not produce observable or predictable flares.

-  Enhancements :

  • the antenna that causes the flare has been added to the results (F for front, L for left, R for right),
  • the location (distance and direction) of the flare center has been added to the results (projected on the Earth’s surface at altitude 0),
  • the computations are parallelized on multi-processors platforms (one thread per processor).

-  Corrections :

  • when parsing tle files, lines beginning with # are now ignored,
  • the computation of the estimated magnitude has been enhanced to take account of the range and illumination of the satellite.

-  Minor changes :

  • checksum verification for tle files.